One month in the books and hell hath frozen over

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Everyone is putting out their month of April reviews for Major League Baseball so I figure I’ll throw my two cents into the hat too.
Why you ask? Well because that’s just what I do. You can ask my wife no one asks my opinion it’s just always out there.

Where to start, where to start….

Rookies… Last season we were treated with a bunch of potential superstars that were going to be making their debuts Correa, Bryant, Half the Cubs lineup, Most of the Mets Pitchers, ect, ect. This season wasn’t supposed to have that kind of potential, hell most of them we didn’t even know who they were during spring training. They obviously didn’t like that fact because they have come on like gang busters in the first month of the season.

  1. Trevor Story COL – 10 homeruns in April ties the record for most homeruns in their first month in the bigs.
  2. Tyler White HOU – Took the 1B job out of spring training and has run with it.
  3. Nomar Mazara TEX – Came up on the 10th of April and already has a .333 batting average
  4. Kenta Maeda LAD – Before his last start where he was roughed up in the 6th inning had only allowed 1 run in 25.1 innings.
  5. Aldemys Diaz STL – Stl didn’t seem confident that he was going to be their starting shortstop at the beginning of the year,well he showed them his bat is un fuego.
  6. Jeremy Hazelbaker STL – Stl again? Yup Hazelbaker has come out of no where to hit everything thrown at him… and hit it hard.

That just the first 6 off the top of my head! Seriously this rookie class has been just as good as last seasons with very very little hype. I’m sure there are other rookies I didn’t mention here but you can fill me in on the comments.

Who’s hot and who do we need to check for a pulse

A few teams we expected to be bad are, Braves, ‘My’ Padres, Twins, Brewers, and the Reds. They were all either in the rebuilding phase or the ‘we deny that we suck and will continue the same course’ phase. None of these guys are expected to figure into anything other then a late season position spoiler for the playoff teams. Now there are some teams we had no idea would be this bad.

Someone call the paramedics as the Houston Astros are hemorrhaging everywhere. What happened here? Keuchel has a 5.11 ERA and already has 4 losses. The rest of the starting pitching staff looks just as bad with Feldman having the best ERA of 3.97. The Bullpen is not any better with Ken Giles having a ERA of 8.18. At least Gregerson has 5 saves otherwise this team would be way worst off. Other then Altuve their bats have been colder then a witches tit, they have 7 players who’s Batting Average is under .215.

Did the Yankees finally have to pay the gods back for the years and years of greatness? It seems like it as the Yankees are looking older then a retirement home. Currently on a five game loosing streak their pitching staff appears to be pitching underhand with softballs. With the exception of Tanaka(2.87 ERA), the one everyone was worried about, the rest of the starting pitching staff has an over 5+ ERA. Andrew Miller is the only thing holding this staff together and he is due to loose his 9th inning role when Chapman comes back. Even Betances has a 3+ ERA. As for the bats… well ARoid and Castro are the only ones hitting everyone else looks like they are using the bat as a cane to hobble up to the plate.

Then you have the Cardinals, Dbacks, Giants(Even though they are in first place in the NL West with 1 game over 500), Royals, Dodgers, and Blue Jays all mired in some sort of tar pit. All of them are off to terrible starts when everyone projected them to head to the playoffs at season start.

If that many teams suck who’s left to be good?

Chicago is killing it right now. Cubs are taking the awesomeness they found last season and building on it with the best record in the Majors currently. Everything ‘The Mad Man’ Madden touches seems to turn to baseball gold. What about the south side you ask? Yes sir it’s a good day to be a White Sox fan too. With same wins total as their North side cousins the White Sox are blazing hot.

Boston, can you say Boston? Yup the darker shade of Sox are on top of their division and looking way better then they were projected. With mixed of youth, versatility and Ortiz’s last season they are definitely making waves in a odd division.

Nats and Mets look like they are on a collision course in the playoffs. Nats pitching is living up to the expectations finally and Harper is well Harper. The Mets look just like last year with power pitching and power bats. These two teams are going to make that division really something to watch.

PHILLIES… I typed that correctly. Who the heck thought the Phillies would be above .500? Not me certainly, but their young pitching staff looks really good and even ‘Old Man’ Howard is finding success at the plate. Sure they are still rebuilding but they are making a lot of fans really happy so far.

Stick a fork in him… too late he’s already over done

The Tigers were really wanting to hit the gates running but they needed some big pieces to step up like they used to. Verlander… oh Verlander where has thou arm gone? He’s rocking a 5.46 ERA and might as well have a wet noodle for an arm. 29.2 innings pitched with  29 hits and 6 homeruns given up.

San Fran’s Giants Peavy and Cain were supposed to be on bounce back years, and we didn’t tell them. Look I have a special place in my heart for Peavy since he came up with the Padres but the fact he can’t see the signs the catcher gives him is bad. Posey has talked about having to wear bright whiteout on his finger tips so Peavy would know what to throw but it just isn’t helping as his 8.61 ERA shows. Poor Matt Cain just is never going to be the same after his injuries. He hasn’t played a full season since 2013 and with a current ERA of 7.00 his old is showing. Hey I hear Lincecum is having his showcase this friday *hint hint*. I forgot to mention that he has been dating Katie Upton so this may explain why he isn’t pitching as good… he’s just tired 😉

With the Twins having a ‘rebuilding’ year its hard to pick on them but Joe Mauer is doing his best lead off hitter impression. The once notable power hitter has 30 hits so far which is really good (.326 BA) however only 1 of those is a homerun. 22 singles on the season just isn’t Mauer like.

I think I say this about R.A. Dickey every year, when is one too old to knuckle ball? His ERA is up to 5.73 and he has given up more hits then he has innings. I know as long as he has a hand he will throw the knuckle but at some point the Blue Jays have got to say enough is enough.

The Utley Rule

We saw the effects of this rule change in the first week of the season and several times since. Sad part is it doesn’t seem like everyone is on the same page as definition goes. Players, Coaches, Umps, NY review people all seem to have opinions on what is a legal slide and what’s not. MLB needs to make it clear before someone else gets hurt trying not to slide illegally into a defender that no longer has the neighborhood play.

So what’s next?

Well we know the teams that are under performing can’t stay that way for long and we know teams like Boston and Philly can’t stay hot like they are now. The crazy rookie class has to cool down at some point so these awesome breakouts will be just that short term.

In the end it will all even out just like baseball always does. Its fun as hell to get all worked up about it though

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