More’va More’va PED busts

Posted: May 4, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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When ever you hear the word ‘busts’ its either the good kind or the really bad kind. Sorry but in this case I am using it in the negative connotation.

MLB announced the other day that another player has been suspended for PEDS. Josh Ravin who is a pitcher for the LA Dodgers is currently on the DL with a broken non throwing arm. He tested positive for Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 2 (GHRP-2) which unlike the previous suspensions is not a steroid. You are probably like I was and saying WTF is GHRP-2? Well I looked it up for you (and for me).

GHRP-2 is a engineered growth hormone. Normal Growth Hormones are exactly what you would think, it’s a hormone that promotes body growth and is created by the pituitary gland. Under normal circumstances the body knows and controls the levels of the GH keeping you from growing to large for your bones, organs, skin. So what’s a engineered growth hormone? They create it to pump more growth hormone into your body where your body wouldn’t normally. In GHRP-2’s case it works in two ways it stimulates the production of GH and also suppresses the hormone that would limit the amount of GH in your system. More Growth Hormone in your body with nothing to limit how much of it your body can have. The other thing about GHRP-2 it has other side effects that are positive: decreased body fat, increase lean body mass, improved sleep, increase in IGF-1 production(a hormone like insulin), increase in bone density and increase in cellular repair. Okay so you have all this Growth Hormone in your body what makes it bad? For Baseball purposes it works like a steroid would, it creates lean muscle body mass quickly because of the GH in your system. Working out would be much more productive then normal, as the muscles would build much much faster. This would create a unfair advantage which is why many sports with PED rules do not allow it. Now from a person purpose, GHRP-2 has some negative side effects too. The main one is the huge increase in appetite. In other words if you are not training and eating effectively you could do real damage as you gain weight quickly. Other negative side effects could be water retention, tingling, numbness, decreased insulin sensitivity, and it does not shut down your natural GH production. Just like steroids you would have to inject this so it has all of the possible problems injecting something into your body can have as well.

As you might be saying to yourself there isn’t a lot of side effects that an athlete wouldn’t want to get the edge. It is considered one of the more effective engineered GH’s with the least amount of bad effects. Once again we come to ‘Why wouldn’t athletes use this?’ right now purely because it’s against the rules. If you use it you’re cheating plain and simple. I know that it’s a perform and get paid era in professional sports but if it is against the rules you’re cheating. Cheaters should not be allowed to play.

On another note I am seeing all kinds of reports stating that this was just the tip of the iceberg for suspensions from the tests done in MLB spring training. Whether it’s a change in testing procedures or what it looks like there is going to be a bunch more PED busts on the horizon.

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