Stiff tendons is the latest ARoid injury

Posted: May 5, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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If you haven’t already heard one of the few shining spots for the Yankees has been Alex Rodriguez(Who I affectionately call ARoid).  Just like last year his bat has been un fuego and without him and the newly acquired Starlin Castro the Yankees would be in last place… Oh Wait they are nvm.

I wasn’t kidding about ARoid being one of the few things going right for the Yankees. While his batting average is only .194 he has hit 3 homeruns in the last 5 games with 6 RBI’s and only one strikeout. However last night while trying to outrun a ground ball he came up limp. (hah steroid humor) The Yankees are reporting it is a hamstring injury and he is being put on the 15 day DL for now.

While I never like to see anyone get hurt, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. HAHA

Sorry I couldn’t even type that with a straight face. It’s no mystery that I can’t stand cheaters in baseball, SAT test is different. So ARoid is very very near the top of my list of people I can not stand. He juiced and juiced and juiced then lied and lied and lied, finally came clean-ish, sat out a year and then acts like he never did anything wrong. Sorry but buddy your a Cheating Liar.

Back to the injury, preliminary reports are that the hamstring injury could be serious. How serious we won’t know until someone leaks information out the back door of the MRI room. Something got me thinking though, could all his steroid use have caused this problem? I decided to google it, Google is a wonderful place, and it looked like this


Can you say ‘HmMmMmmMm thats a definite maybe’. Needless to say, but I’m going to do it anyway, anabolic steroids can very much so lead to tendon problems. Yes if you didn’t know the Hamstring is a the name for any three of the tendons that attach to the Hamstring muscles(semitendinosus, semimembranosus and biceps femoris). When someone reports a hamstring injury they could be referring to the tendons or the muscles since we seem to have labeled the whole back of the leg ‘hamstring’. Since that’s the case it is a very high chance that its the tendons and a very high chance that it is because of the steroid use. Lets have some information:

Anabolic steroids have attained a prominent, albeit highly controversial, position among ergogenic aids for power athletes. Adverse effects of these compounds are well documented, but their popularity persists. One of their possible side effects which has received little attention is abnormal form and function of connective tissue in steroid-abusing athletes. Scientific and medical literature addressing this concern is scant and is generally limited to observed effects in animals. Anabolic steroid use paralleled with exercise may lead to dysplasia of collagen fibrils, which can decrease the tensile strength of tendon. Changes in tendon’s crimp morphology have been shown to occur, as well, which may alter the rupturing strain of tendon and the normal biomechanics of the extremities. Given the megadoses of steroids taken by some athletes and the large forces incurred by power-trained musculature, the integrity of tendinous tissue in these athletes may be at significant risk of compromise if steroids do, in fact, exert a destructive effect. Additional investigation in the area reviewed here is warranted before anabolic steroids can be decisively implicated in human connective tissue disruption. It is recommended, however, that consideration be given to including potential tissue alterations among the side effects of steroid abuse.

That is from the US National Library of Medicine (Here)

Need some more information? Okay lets look here where a study was done on Rats and Rabbits where they pitted a control group against a steroid driven group and made them lift weights. Well since it’s really hard to speak rat or rabbit to tell them to lift weights they mostly just strapped them to their backs for periods of time. At the end they compared the tendons of the control group against the steroid group and noticed a huge difference in the elasticity and strength of the tendons. If you were wondering before they compared tendons they held a tiny Mr Rat Universe contest and this guy won


Okay that was more to get you not to notice that to measure tendons they had to sacrifice the rats and rabbits to the great science gawds. Science is dirty but fun!

Is this because the steroids cause the tendons to shrivel up (hah more steroid humor) or is it because of the larger muscle mass they have to deal with? That is debatable, there is not enough information to blame either side but it is a side effect of long term use.

Back to ARoid, who is dirty like a rat, who we know used steroids for longer then some Major Leaguers have entire careers. Since that’s the case can ARoids bad ‘hammys’ be blamed on his own cheating usage of PED’s? If Karma is as much of a b!tch as I know it can be then the answer is absolutely yes. We will see how much this impacts the rest of his career but we can only hope the universe has some justice in it.

Again I’m not for anyone getting hurt but I sure as heck aint gonna shed a tear about it.

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  1. Glad to see an unbiased opinion for a change on one of the most polarizing players in the sport! Like you said…karma can be a bi#*h….!!


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