OMG Hell has frozen over and Babe Ruth smiled in his grave

Posted: May 7, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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The end of days is upon us. We are all witness to the glory that is…..


The ageless one has done what no other man thought possible….

Haha Okay so not really but he has done something in his 19 year career that he had never done before. For Bartolo that is pretty damn hard to do. The man has a resume a mile long and honestly he is one of my favorite players like ever. He has had a 21 win season, had a 9 complete game season, won the Cy Young award in 2005,  3 time All Star, most current active pitchers wins at 220, tied with Kershaw for the most shutouts for active pitchers, most games started by a active pitcher 472, and played for 9 teams. Bartolo is going on 43 and is the anchor of the Mets young rotation. He is just awesome.

Why do I think he is awesome? Well take a gander at these and then we will talk about why I am writing this post:

So why do I say Hell has Frozen over? Because Colon is a .089 hitter, first he is a pitcher second he is a terrible hitter as you’ve seen above. So what happened tonight?



This is craziness and so very very awesome! Even though it was against my beloved Padres it is still super super awesome.

Bartolo I totally salute you sir. You are a baseball Gawd!

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