OMG What else can he do?

Posted: May 11, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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Max Scherzer….



That guy with eyes that are different colors

The Chimera Fireballer

Okay okay I made that last one up but you get who I’m talking about. Max Scherzer is one hell of a pitcher. In his 9 years in the league this guys is just plain money. Well lets ignore the first two years with the DiamondBacks because well they weren’t so good but after that when he went to Detriot OMG money money money.

In 2013 he won the Cy Young.
He has been in 3 All-Star games.
Has pitched 2 no hitters.
Lead the American League two years in a row with the most wins (2013-21, 2014-18).
Lead the AL in 2013 with a .875 winning percentage.
Had the most strikeouts per 9 inning rate in 2012 and was 2cd the 3 following years.
In 2015 he had the best strikeout to walk ratio at 8.118.
Also last year in the NL for the Nationals had the most complete games at 4, with 3 of them being shutouts.
Started 33 games last year and 7 so far this year.
Last season he faced the most batters at 899 of them.

Okay so do you get the fact this dude is almost not human. Guess what? We get to add a huge huge accomplishment to this list.

Tonight(May 11, 2016) against the Detriot Tigers(his old team) Mad Max threw 119 pitches with 96 of them being strikes. A lot of strikes right? That’s not the half of it. With those 96 strikes he struck out 20 batters and only faced 6 batters above the mininum. That means he only threw 3 more balls then batters he struck out.


Only 3 others have struck out 20 guys in a 9inning game.

  1. Roger Clemens 1986 and 1996
  2. Kerry Wood 1998
  3. Randy Johnson 2001

And now add Mad Max Scherzer to that list.

He has pretty much done everything, the man is a pitching gawd.

Max hands down that was incredible. You sir are awesomeness personified.

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