Thor’s mighty hammer….swing!

Posted: May 12, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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We all know that Thor is the god of Thunder and lightning, we also know he carries a mighty hammer.

Art work by VladMRK

Yes there is a sports tie in here. Noah Syndergaard is a pitcher for the NY Mets and obviously his nickname is Thor. I mean just look at him, even his last name is Asgardian.

He is an incredible pitcher for his short tenure in the majors(This is his second year). Dude throws hard as hell, 4-seam fastball clocked at 101.2, 101.0, 100.7 mph and the only pitcher to throw a Sinker at 101.4 mph this season(Gotta love StatCast).  As the insiders say – he’s “nasty”.

Well tonight against the LA Dodgers he proved not only is his arm awesome but that he swings a mighty hammer too. Score is 0-0 in the third inning going against one of the new sensations Kenta Maeda.

BOOM Thor has destroyed that ball because well he is The Mighty Thor!

Okay now we are in the 5th inning and there are 2 men on(First and Second) no outs and we find Thor up to bat again

Holy beejezuz he did it again! Totally destroyed that ball too. Up to this point(6th Inning) he has driven in ALL 4 runs for the Mets tonight. Last season in 50 plate appearances he hit 1 home run, again this is a pitcher. Tonight in 2 plate appearances he has doubled that number

Yes Yes he has given up two homeruns tonight but hell he has hit two so it is totally excusable.

Thor is mighty, Thor is strong, Thor hit ball far.

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