It was at least a triple

Posted: May 16, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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Unless you were like me and missed the Rangers / BlueJays game on Sunday 5/15 I am sure you have seen and heard all kinds of opinions on it. Well guess what now you get to hear mine!

I have already spoken about how I like the kind of passion Bautista plays with, he uses that passion to be one of the best hitters in the league year after year. When he does the ‘Bat flip heard around the world’ I have no issues with it mostly because of what lead up to that flip. Unlike me the Rangers did not like it and did not forget it.

At Bautista’s last at bat in the last game the Blue Jays and Rangers would play against each other this regular season the Rangers decided it was the right time to ‘remember’. Matt Bush the newest call up for the Rangers nailed Bautista in the Ribs with a 98 mph fastball. Since Matt Bush was brought up his control has been stellar and the HBP was the first pitch thrown to Bautista that at bat. Trying to say this wasn’t unintentional is just lip service. Some are saying they can’t understand not the why but the when this took place. To me its pretty clear, Bautista is an emotional passionate player. Getting hit by a pitch is a emotional experience. By hitting an emotional passionate player you are possibly making him more dangerous the next time he is at bat. The Rangers obviously knew this, hit him in his last at bat in the last game this regular season they play him. Give him no ammunition for anytime soon to get back at you. If you want more proof on that hitting someone creates an emotional response all you have to do is watch what took place afterwards.

Bautista is now PISSED and on first right? What do you think is going through his head? I’ll tell you ‘What can I do now to get back at them’. The only thing that would have changed his mind about this was if Justin Smoak, who was the next batter, hit a homerun. Otherwise he was going to create some havok to release his emotion.

As you can see below his decision on what to do is pretty damn obvious. Ignore the second part of the clip for now as Ill get to it in a second.

He was going to take out Odor at second base. There are several things I have issue with on this play. First because of Chase Utley this slide is absolutely illegal, he slid very late and through the bag with no attempt to stay on the base. A bat flip is one thing, you aren’t hurting anyone. Well their pride yes but not physically. This slide is trying to possibly hurt someone. Totally NOT okay. Here is something else that I don’t like about this play. Watch Odor throw the ball. Now he knows Bautista is coming in to take him out, he knows that the repercussions of the HBP is on its way. He knew to quickly get out of the way, but watch his release point of the throw to first. He nearly takes Bautista’s head off. Odor does not throw that low normally when going for a double play, which is also why the throw goes so far off line.

You have Bautista trying to take out Odor and Odor  in response trying to take Bautista’ head off. Both are way to much, try explaining this to your 10 yr old son.

Now for the part after the slide. Since Odor was still standing and Bautista still has his head attached they jaw it up to meet in the middle. Words exchanged and then pushes and then

That is a hell of a right cross… I mean sh!t that would have destroyed most people. Baustista while visually shaken did not go down so sorry Odor it’s only worth a triple.

Again try explaining this to a 10 year old watching this game and then try to tell him he can never do something like this. Egos flared up, passion turned to violence and this was ridiculous. I love passion I do not condone being a stupid jerk on the field. Yes we idolize our sports figures and we shouldn’t but we do so it is the sports figures job to remember this. You don’t have to be a choir boy but you have to understand people are watching this and it will affect the children’s views.

Both Odor and Bautista were ejected and will probably be hit for at least 10 game suspensions. When the dust settles there might be others that get suspended too because of the benches clearing brawl.

While I love passion in sports and the punch was incredible I still gotta say ‘Guys…Seriously act like adults’

UPDATE 3:20PM 5/17 – It is reporting that Odor has been given a 8 game suspension, which honestly I think it really low, and is appealing.
UPDATE 4:25PM 5/17 – John Gibbons the Blue Jays manager has been suspended for 3 games and Elvis Andrus the Rangers short stop for 1 game. Gibbons can not appeal as managers do not have that option.

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