Does anyone really care?

Posted: May 17, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant
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A lot of reports are coming out that during the Beijing Olympics multiple countries and athletes are testing positive for PEDs. First it came out that the Russian government participated in cooperated  supply and coverup of PED use with their Olympic athletes. Now the IOC is saying there up to 12 different nations that are testing positive.

Here is my question, does anyone give a sh!t?

Seriously the Olympic games have been scarred by PED’s and scandal for years and years and years. On top of that why is it we are suddenly getting test results from a Olympics eight years ago?

454 samples are in the process of being RE-tested from Beijing 2008 and London 2012. Anyone to found to have used PED’s will be banned from the 2016 Rio games states the IOC. Again does anyone care?

First how and where the hell do you keep samples for 8 years? How good are these samples now after at least 8 years? How accurate are these suddenly zero tolerance tests that have been in place since 2008?

Again does anyone care?

The Olympics have become more about how many medals your country wins then the incredible athletes that participate in them. Especially our US athletes that get nearly NO assistance from the government and have to train and work just to make it to the games. When it comes down to it other then Michael Phelps who do you remember from the last two Olympics? Do you remember how many medals we won? Heck you probably remember the Bird Nest stadium and the over the top beginning ceremony festivities more then anything else from them. I know that is about all I can remember. Does anyone care if they go back eight years and slap someones hand? Pretty much like Barry Bonds, there is an asterisks next to their name but they still won and are in the book.

If you really want to prove you don’t want people using PED’s test them immediately after the event they are participating in and make it known within 24 hours whether or not they are clean. If they aren’t clean ban them for life. Anything less is saying its okay we will just use an asterisk later.

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