When you fire someone on performance but no one wants to believe it

Posted: May 18, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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By now you’ve heard Fredi Gonzalez was fired by the Atlanta Braves during their series in Pittsburgh. Remember I’m a blogger which means I normally find out this stuff the same time you do THEN I have to get off my ass to write about it.

Now don’t get me wrong the way he was notified that he was getting fired sucked and I have no doubts that whoever made the airline e-ticket purchase and sent it to Fredi has also been fired.

Lets however go straight at the Albino half Elephant half Giraffe in the room. Fredi did not get fired because he was latino nor should the Braves have felt as if they had to keep him because he was latino.

This is not a race thing. Fredi sucks as a manager.

You don’t believe me?

Fredi was a manager for the Marlins before Atlanta. What was his record in Florida you may be asking?

4 years – 276 wins 279 losses

Uh okay that’s a loosing record and before you say but it was the Marlins who are constantly rebuilding, Fredi never got the Marlins above second in their division. Not only that but he never got them to the play-offs. Heck his best record was 87-75 which is not a great record in the first place. Needless to say Fredi sucked in Florida, maybe the Marlins wouldn’t have been as bad if they had a decent manager. That was more rhetorical then anything.

After the Marlins finally give up on the Fredi experiment the Braves come calling. Now the Braves had only one manager over the past 25 years, the great Bobby Cox. Bobby was a pretty damn incredible manager and the shoes to fill would have been ginormous. Bobby was 2149 wins and 1709 losses with 5 pennants and 1 World Series victory. Even more impressive is that during that 25 year span the Braves were only under 90 wins 6 times. One was because Bobby took over part way through the 1990 season and another was because of the strike shortened season in 1994. Really only then 4 seasons under 90 wins in 23 seasons. That is incredibly insane. Again HUGE shoes to fill.

Something I find interesting is that it is pretty well understood that Bobby Cox picked Fredi Gonzalez as his successor. Cox was Fredi’s mentor and pretty much that surrogate father figure from all accounts. Cox loved Fredi because I guess Fredi did things the Braves way… That is the Braves way from 20 years ago. There is even stories back in 2014 where Bobby was pretty much the only reason Fredi kept his job. I digress though.

The Braves hired Fredi to fill some shoes that no one was going to fill but that Bobby Cox thought he would. First three seasons Fredi didn’t do terrible, all were over 89 wins and he had 1 win and 4 losses in the playoffs. Then…. Then the wheels fell off… and rolled down a hill… and into a lava pit. Yes you are going to say well the Braves totally started rebuilding in 2014, and they did. A lot of roster moves and such but, there are a lot of teams that have been through that and only suffered for a short time(2016 Phillies *cough*). However for Fredi it was just more of the same from Florida, a rebuild team, a depleted roster, a loosing Fredi.

79 wins… 67 wins… 9 wins… *boot*

Look Fredi was going to fail, the shoes were too big to fill and he is to much of an old minded manager. Sorry Fredi you suck as a manager, you had a huge helping hand in getting your Braves job but it wasn’t going to last. It truly has nothing to do with your ethic roots, it has nothing to do with your last name, it had everything to do with you suck. I hope the next guy hired realizes how small you made the shoes.

So before you go blaming the number of latin managers or lack their of look at the whole book of work. There are plenty of damn good latin players that will make great managers, not because they are latin but because they were great players with damn good baseball minds.

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  1. Mad Mike Linson says:

    Absolutely agree with you on this. I do not condone the way Fredi was fired. It was classless and stupid. HOWEVER, Fredi Gonzalez as a manager was God awful. This change couldn’t come fast enough for my liking.


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