Joey Votto the biggest jerk of a 3 year old in the MLB

Posted: May 26, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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You know how your three year old kid throws fits and does mean stuff because they think its funny as hell to watch people get hurt?

You don’t? So it’s just my three year old? Yeah suuuuurrrrre, I’ve seen you at Walmart with yours.

Speaking of three year olds and how they find joy in the little sadistic things that brings me to Joey ‘I think I’m hilarious’ Votto. I think that his ‘tight pants’ have finally made him a complete jerk head. It’s no wonder that he pulls stupid little tantrums just the way my three year old princess does.

Lets look at just the recent events:

Joey Votto throws a fit about playing bad and threatens to take his ball and go home (I wrote about it here)

Next he goes and decides to be a jerk to a whole fan section in Philadelphia. Acting like he is going to throw the ball to a lucky fan that paid a sh!t ton of hard earned money to come watch your pathetic arse, he then turns and throws it back to the pitcher. Joey you do remember without these terrible things called fans you WOULDN’T HAVE A JOB.

What makes it worst is he celebrates it like he hit a homerun

Uh hey d!ckhead put that much effort into hitting the ball.

Then he decides that paper airplanes have no reasons to exist in this world of ours. Angry much??? Seriously what did that extremely well thrown paper airplane do to your ancestors?

I love Adrian Gonzalez reaction, because seriously this was so ridiculous. Adrian gets it, the fans aren’t important they are why you play.

This doesn’t even take into account my own personal experience where at the 2016 Reds Photo day Joey ‘Im a Super Creep’ Votto only stopped for young pretty girls to have his picture taken with.

Yeah your a winner Mr Votto.

You should probably take some more time to thank the ‘little people’ that pay for your sorry a$$ to play, oh and those ‘little people’ are little leaguers that have a better batting average then you.

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