Does one season make you sure?

Posted: May 27, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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We are all wanting to know who the next big thing is, even before the last big thing is no longer on fire. Never happy with what we have we want MORE and MORE and MORE.

This is where Julio Urias comes in.

The Dodgers are touting their incredible prospect pitcher as the next coming of Ben Stiller in Zoolander… Did I use a weird reference there? All pretty and shiny but very little substance behind it… Okay yeah maybe the Blue Steel look was shiny but it definitely wasn’t pretty unless you like guy duck lips…

Wow okay….

So Julio Urias…

He’s 19 years old, let me put that out there first. Yes he has a 4-1 record in 8 games in the PCL AAA league, yes he has a 1.10 ERA over that span, he is a left handed pitcher, and yes he has 44 strikeouts in 41 innings.

I will give you all of that without any rebuttal. However he is 19 years old, he has been facing guys 8 years older then him in the Pacific Coast League as part of the Oklahoma City Dodgers. This is really his first full year as last season he only played in 2 games with 4.1 innings for the AAA Dodgers.(BTW he had a 18.69 ERA in those two games) So to say he is untested is like saying sitting on a porcupine might hurt. Also another thing is he has only been playing minor league ball since 2013 so three years going from Single A to Triple A, sorry but that seems a but rushed for someone who would just barely be out of highschool.

He features a 4seam Fastball, a Curveball, and a changeup. Which 3 pitches for a 19 year old is pretty good but not for a major league starting pitcher. His fastball and curveball are his main two weapons with a just above average changeup to follow them up. Now if the Dodgers were going to use him as a reliever then the three pitches would be great, control of the fastball with a breaking pitch and a get me over changeup. Hell that would be as good if not better then a bunch of relievers in current bullpens. For a starter however you need more to keep batters off your pitches(Especially your fastball) the second and third time through the lineup. Maybe the Dodgers are looking at 4 innings for him at most tonight but even then you are going to see some of the same batters at the top of the lineup even if you strike everyone out the first three innings.

Another thing that worries me on this whole Urias-Mania is you are putting a 19 year old kid out on a major league mound in a game against deGrom of the Metz… Uh… Okay that doesn’t sound stressful for anyone much less a kid. Dodgers don’t have the greatest bullpen (MLB lists their bullpen as 12th in the league with a 8-9 record and a 3.52 ERA) so if you are planning on this kid going deep against the Mets lineup (*cough* Cespedes *cough*) and not having to really use the heck out of your bullpen you might be on drugs.

I’m really not sure what the Dodgers are trying to do here, from all eye tests it looks like you are throwing a kid out to the wolves but trying to make it look like the next coming of Fernando Valenzuela.

I really hope the kid does well but eh…. I’m not buying into this.

UPDATE 9:41PM 5/27 – So I wrote this before the game and I just want to put in the line score for this super pitcher: 2.2 Innings / 5 Hits / 3 Earned Runs / 4 Walks / 3 Strikeouts. I can’t leave out the bullpen as I mentioned them as well 4.1 innings / 3 Hits / 2 Earned Runs so far and its only the 8th inning.

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