Hips said goodbye before he did

Posted: August 1, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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No this is not a ‘Brown-Chicken, Brown-Cow’ Channing Tatum review.

This is more about the sultry hips of one Matt Kemp, those poor poor hips. Matt Kemp is a incredible talent that has been unfortunately hampered by injuries that kept him from being even more then incredible. His hips most of all have kept him from achieving numbers the rest of his body wanted to reach.

Kemp started with the Dodgers back in 2006. During his 9 year career in LA he was a All Star twice as was runner up in the NL MVP voting in 2011. *Cough* He should of won it because Ryan Braun is a dirty stinking cheater *Cough*. He also won 2 Gold Gloves and 2 Silver sluggers for the Dodgers (2009, 2011). In 2015 the San Diego Padres were looking to make a big splash and bring back the their fan base. They brought Matt Kemp in as a crowning jewel to their attempt at a ‘Buy a championship’ approach for that season. Even before the trade was confirmed multiple reports had come out that Kemp’s hips were bad enough that the Padres would nix the deal before he could wear the brown and gold. Eventually the Padres did acquire him and what looked like a grand idea turned into a miserable long road through 162 games. Kemp never really looked like himself till towards the end of the season, the overwhelming thought was because of his hips.

Now I am a HUGE Padres fan, and seeing the rival (in our own head) Dodger come to town was bitter sweet. It was awesome seeing him no longer in a Dodgers uniform killing us but it was kinda sad that we were getting a ‘watered down’ version of this great player. I was totally excited, with very little in the way hope, at the one year rebuild. For once since I was a kid my Padres were actually doing something other then being okay with living in the basement. Kemp’s jersey sold like hotcakes, no I didn’t buy one, and it was a happy time wearing the brown and gold (and the Navy and Tan even though at heart you can’t leave the Brown and Gold).

Enough of a personal sidetrack… It was obvious that the Padres one year all in attempt was futile so in the end we knew all our bought players would be moved on.

However the moving on that just happened between Kemp and the Padres is something of a conundrum. San Diego traded Matt Kemp to the Atlanta Braves for … well for Hector Olivera. The same Hector Olivera that is currently serving an 82 game suspension for domestic violence. Olivera has not been tried yet and it is very possible he will serve jail time. The Padres automatically DFA’d Olivera and there is the rumor that they plan on releasing him out right after the suspension. Then there is the whole money issue. The Padres are still responsible for the 30 million owed to Olivera even if he goes to jail, they just don’t have to pay him WHILE he is in jail.

So where is the plus in this trade for San Diego. Yes the Padres probably save some money between the two contracts but why make this trade? It makes no sense…. That is until you read this


Matt Kemp’s hello to Atlanta and goodbye to San Diego. What do you get when you read that? Is it just a goodbye to San Diego? Is it a life long hope that you get to play for the team you rooted for when you were a kid? Or is it more?

Here is what my uneducated brain is convulsing about. I think Matt Kemp is getting ready to retire. I think San Diego traded him to Atlanta so that he could do the one thing he hasn’t done, play for his boyhood love. We know his hips aren’t getting better. He isn’t getting younger. The Braves are years away from being ‘contenders’. He is playing for the team he rooted for.

Like most of this blog proves I really know nothing but I know this I have hunches. My hunch about this is Kemp is in the twilight of his career and he gets to go be a kid again playing for the colors he idolized. I think at the end of this year or next Kemp is going to retire and say goodbye to all of baseball.

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