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Posted: August 1, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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There are a lot of things I need to write about that have taken place in the last two months and coming up (MLB Trade Deadline) but I have to start with last nights Cubs/Mariners game.

So many WTF moments… Wow!

I turned the game on last night at the beginning of the 4th inning, by that time the Mariners were up 6 runs to zilch. Cubs spot starter Matus blew up giving up 3 two run homers. The announcers were talking about how it might have been a ‘Showcase’ start for Matus, giving other teams a look at him for trade value. Welp that back fired if it was.

For no reason other there was no other baseball games on TV on Sunday night I left it on the game thinking ‘Well I wonder what Madden will do now.’. Didn’t take long till his magic hat of tricks was on full display. Madden brings Wood in and then after his inning has him bat for himself. This is odd but nothing way over the top I guess, Madden’s bench and bullpen are depleted coming into tonight so to keep Wood pitching letting him hit makes some sense being down by that many. The really odd part is at the beginning of the next inning Strop is the new pitcher and Wood is in left field. YES THE PITCHER OF LAST INNING IS NOW PLAYING LEFT FIELD IN A DOUBLE SWITCH.

Odd? Yes. Really Odd? Double Yes. Especially when Szcuzr is on the bench. Something I learned this season in my baseball league was that as long as the Pitcher did not leave the active players on the field he could return to pitch later in the inning. Was Joe Madden really doing this with Wood? I personally have never seen a Manager do something like this in a professional game before but he is a sick genius so. Of course it is the way of baseball that if you are out of position the ball will find you. Would you know it but a long fly ball is hit right at Wood. He runs back, turns around, almost miss judged the ball and CATCHES it while slamming into the ivy back first. Yup the pitcher of the previous inning just robbed a double in left field. Definitely a Web Gem but still triple Odd. Strop pitches out of the inning giving up no runs like Wood before him and the Cubs come up to bat. They are chipping away at the lead as its now 6-2. Next inning Strop pitches again and still Wood is out in left field, and then what does Madden do? That’s right another double switch but brings Wood back in to pitch from left field.

WTF are you serious? That just happened? Yes the Crazy Mad Joe just did something you see in little and recreational leagues. Wood steps back on the mound and closes out the inning with no runs scored. Sheer craziness. What else can make this more crazy.

Que Cishek the closer of the Mariners. With a 3 run lead in the ninth he gives up the runs to tie the game and the worst was on a wild pitch that was so far outside the first baseman could have hit it.

10th inning… 11th… 12th… Here come the Cubbies. Struggling Outfielder Jason Heyward steps up to bat and kills a ball, how it didn’t leave the park is amazing to me. The replay shows it just miss the basket they have at the top of the wall in Wrigley, just a foot or two more and he would have walked off. Fast forward just a little bit and we find Heyward on third 1 out and a pinch hitter up to bat. Remember how I mentioned the Cubs bench was really depleted, by this point there was no one but Starting Pitchers left to pinch hit OR come in as Relievers. So you have John Lackey warming up to come in if they make it to the 13th and who to bat? Arrieta right? He has 2 doubles and 2 home runs in his 12 hits this year, so he is the obvious choice.

Is that Arrieta in the ‘On Deck Circle’ … No… thats… John Lester??????? WTF????

We all know I can’t stand Lester so I’m going to bypass my normal tirade here.

Has the Mad Man Joe lost his damn mind? Lester is up to bat to try to win the game with Heyward on third? Seriously? This makes absolutely no sense. The only thing that Lester is good at when it comes to batting is bunting and even then he is only so so. Is Madden really trying to squeeze bunt in the winning run? It’s not even going to be a surprise, everyone on the Mariners team has to know this is what is going to happen, there is no way it is going to work.

Fast forward, Lester still up to bat now with two strikes. There is no way he going to bunt with two strikes, I can’t believe Madden put him in there.

Wait what…….!!!! Lester lays down a picture perfect bunt and Heyward does a beautiful hesitation step as he races to the plate. The pitcher tried to glove shovel it to the catcher but Heyward slides in head first to beat the tag.

Cubs win in the 12th…

This was insane to everyone else but some how it all made sense to the Mad Man Joe. I have never seen anyone use more players in more positions and have them all be super effective. This game ALONE should win Joe Madden Manager of the Year award.

I’m not a Cubs fan but damn if they aren’t amazing to watch

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