Quick Hits Ed 1

Posted: August 4, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB, NFL, Uncategorized
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I’ve decided that some times I need to just post quick thoughts about the stuff I see Bleacher Report and Espn notify me of. So here is the first edition:

Joey Votto continues to be a HUGE jackarse, I don’t care he gave the guy a signed ball after wards you NEVER touch a fan especially one that showed no way that he was interfering with you.

Yasil Puig is a giant baby. People have been telling this guy for 4 years he needed to stop being a jerk and now they have had enough. I’ve been saying it for sometime his attitude and work ethic was going to get his arse in trouble. Bye Puig happy freakin trails you giant toddler.

I think more Umps should throw out obnoxious hateful fans. Hell I think you should let more of the greeter/seat checker people throw people out. I’m tried of going to a game with my boy to enjoy the glory that is baseball and having some drunk know-it all douche canoe ruin it by being a dumbarse.

Rio Olympics should be more like Survivor and anyone that makes it out of Rio without a rare disease gets a medal. From what everything I read says half the Olympic stuff isn’t built and the rest is in terrible condition. I have no desire to even watch this Olympics seriously just give people medals for showing up and let them go home in their hazmat suits.

Why the hell is MLB network showing ANYTHING other then baseball when there are live games being played? I like Bull Durham but I can only watch it 25 times instead of watching live baseball.

MLB needs to adopt the NFL rule about the Goal Line. Home plate should extend infinitely up. If someone slides and they cross the edges of the plate before being tagged they are safe. All these head first slides are going to get someone killed or maimed or both. Stop it, how am I supposed to teach my boy to slide with his feet if the guys he watches everyday don’t.

Tom Brady is a baby, meet your new roommate Yasil Puig. Both of you can get a wet nap and wipe your pissy tears away.

Okay I’m done ranting for his edition, enjoy the rest of your day!

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