If you stayed up last night and watched the extra innings game between the Orioles and Blue Jays you are probably saying the same thing everyone else is “WTF Buck????”

Before you yell at me yes I picked the Orioles to win and I was wrong, however I did buffer my projection off Britton pitching. That never happened and I can’t figure out why.

Buck pulled Tillman really quick in the 5th inning which was a bit of a surprise especially after the HR to Bautista in the second inning he had really settled down. However with the Orioles bullpen I can’t say I’m overly shocked because they have been pretty much lock down. The numbers from the game prove it

Givens 2.1 IP / 0 Hits / 0 Runs / 0 ER / 0 BB / 3 SO / 0 HR
Hart 0.1 IP / 0 Hits / 0 Runs / 0 ER / 0 BB / 0 SO / 0 HR
Brach 1.1 IP / 2 Hits / 0 Runs / 0 ER / 1 BB / 2 SO / 0 HR
O’Day 1.2 IP / 0 Hits / o Runs / o ER / 0 BB / 1 SO / 0 HR
Duensing 0.1 IP / 0 Hits / 0 Runs / 0 ER / 0 BB / 0 HR

Thats 6 innings worth of work with 2 hits 1 walk and 6 strikeouts. That is pretty damn impressive. Now comes the scrutiny however.

Givens was un-hitable facing 6 batters in a right handed heavy lineup, but he does have a serious difference in his splits. Against Righties Givens has a 2.26 ERA but against Lefties his ERA balloons to 5.68. I can understand Buck pulling him before one of the few lefties took advantage of that split. Buck brings in Hart who has been just as dominant in his 22 appearances posting a 0.49 ERA in 18.1 innings. For some reason though Buck only allows him to face 1 batter. Yes in the 13.1 innings against left handed batters Hart has a 0.00 ERA with 5 hits and 11 strikeouts but his ERA against righties is only 1.69. I know that is only 5 innings of work and 7 hits with 1 home tun and that would make you kind of skeptical to leave him in there very long but only 1 batter????? Then Buck brings in Bach who again is awesome. 71 games and 79 innings with a 2.05 ERA and 92 strikeouts. This guy can easily go more then 1.1 innings in a game and his splits are close enough that your not to lopsided no matter who comes up to bat. Yeah he gave up the 2 hits and 1 walk out of the 5 pitchers but no ER and no HR. Let the man go especially when you know this thing is tied and not looking to be over any time soon. The one guy I’m surprised that went more then an inning is O’Day. He has not had a good year, which is normally what happens when you sign a big offseason contract. Last night however he looked like is old self which was great for the Orioles. He even held the 2 inherited runners from Bach with a 1 pitch double play. After O’Day Buck brings in Duensing, who used to be a starter for the Twins several years ago so you know he can go pretty far if needed. Duensing has been sketchy this season 4.05 ERA in 13.1 innings in 14 starts. Not his best work but still a guy that can pitch deep and throws a sinker so he keeps the ball in the park (for the most part this season he gave up 2 HR in his 13.1 innings). Again I guess I can understand why Buck pulls him quick as you don’t want a HR to end the game.

This is where the above thinking by Buck makes no sense. He is playing the matchups obviously, trying to stay away from the homerun that would end the game. Not giving any reliever to much so they don’t loose it. He is being so calculated until he looses his damn mind and brings in Ubaldo Jimenez. Jimenez is the Orioles 6th starter with an 8 and 12 record in 29 games. 12 losses and 9 no decisions and a 5.44 ERA@!@!#!#!@!@ Buck stayed away from relievers like Hunter, Worley, Drake, Aquino, Wilson, and Wright. Some for ERA reasons, others because their pitches don’t lend themselves to keeping the ball on the ground is my best guess. So why then go with someone that is worst and more inconsistent then all of them put together. Personal note here why didn’t Buck use Aquino I won’t understand. Yeah the kid has only been in three games but he has 3 strikeouts in 2.1 innings with 1 hit. If you are going to go with an unproven commodity go with the guy that looks on paper better but NOoOOooO lets go with UBALDO JIMENEZ!@!@!@!#

What the high hell is he doing in the game????? Seriously the man is one of the most inconsistent pitchers on the damn planet and you put him into such a high pressure season on the line situation. Jimenez has had 3 winning seasons in a 10 year career and has always had the tendency to give up the long ball 16 this season in 142.1 innings. Heck the guy gave up 86 earned runs this season!@!@!@! Someone has to tell me who hit Buck in the head with the gatorade bucket because this move makes absolutely no sense when you have the one reliever on the bench that is a true game changer. BRITTON!

As I mentioned before Britton has a 0.55 ERA in 69 GAMES@!#@ He has been in the talk for the CY Young this year and Buck didn’t even use him! He was warming up before O’Day came in. So was he hurt? Did his arm fall off? Was he eaten by a lumberjack? WHY THE HELL WAS HE NOT IN THE GAME? This is the potential last game of the season and you don’t use your best weapon. Sure after an inning or two then go with a starter or an unproven reliever but USE THE DAMN MAN!

Buck I have always thought you were an awesome Manager and Commentator when your not managing but this decision is just plain baffling (using a word from a friend of mine). I have no idea what crazy ass notion made you do this… JIMENEZ????? Seriously JIMENEZ???????

….. So yeah the Blue Jays are headed to Texas to take on the Rangers where I’m sure we will get to see some fireworks between Odor and Bautista. Should be a interesting series.


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