Game 5 NLDS

Posted: October 13, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant

I never got to finish my NL predictions post before the series started, life got in the way and time ran out. I of course picked the Cubs, because only a dead squirrel would pick the Giants over them, in a sweep which didn’t happen. I also picked the Nats, so I am hoping they pull it out tonight. I did not expect the Dodgers to push it to a game 5 however, Yes Kershaw and Hill are great but the rest of the rotation is really suspect. That and the fact Dodgers can not hit left handed pitchers at all.

That’s all beside the point of course since I didn’t get it published.

We are not down to game 5 in a best of 5. You have Scherzer against Hill(and the entire rest of the Dodgers staff from what I am hearing). I have to admit Scherzer is one of my favorite pitchers, I even tried to copy his slider grip to get a better breaking ball. However I have Rich Hill on my fantasy baseball team so, who am I kidding right? Scherzer is going to strike out 12 guys give up 2 runs and win the game. Dude is incredible when it’s a clutch game. It is just silly to pick against him especially since he lost his last start. The Dodgers may be able to get a bit off him in the first inning but after that he is going to shut the door smacking the Dodgers back to LA. Lets call it at 5 to 2 Washington getting the win.

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