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Posted: October 18, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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Could I be? Honestly I really think there isn’t much wiggle room here. So far my picks would have made you homeless and living in an culvert in Las Vegas.

I thought I was doing all my research, looking at matchups from the year. Who was pitching. Who was and wasn’t hitting. What the splits were for hitters, how the bullpens looked and were staffed.


All my research has amounted to Cleveland being up 3 games to 1 over the Blue Jays and the Dodgers looking like they might go up 2 to 1 on the Cubs.

I would have never picked Cleveland nearly sweeping the Blue Jays. I even live in Ohio and I had no idea the Indians were this good in every aspect of the game. Also who the heck would have figured the Blue Jays who have been putting up huge offensive numbers would have suddenly forgotten how to swing a stick. Well I sorta thought that the lay off between the ALDS and ALCS would impact them but not like this. So can Toronto pull off the 4 wins in a row? I want to say absolutely not. No matter how many homeruns they hit 4 games in a row in the playoffs is nearly impossible.

There have been 34 times that a baseball team has been down 0-3 in a best-of-seven postseason series. One of those teams has come back to win.

That is pulled from a very good article at See I really do look sh!t up before I write about it.

It isn’t completely impossible but it is pretty damn close. Especially with the way Cleveland has looked so far in this playoffs. They swept the Sox who were the hottest team on the planet without blinking, and nearly swept the Blue Jays who were the second hottest.

Will the Indians win tomorrow and close out the series? Lets look at some things before we throw them out the damn window. With Trevor Bauer going down with either Leprosy or the T-Virus it leave the pitching rotation in a very unproven spot. Ryan Merritt. Left handed rookie has only pitched 11 innings all this season. 11 innings!@!@!@ Even more interesting is he only has one start back on Sept 30th against the Royals where he gave up one run and three hits in 5 innings. Not bad right well the previous appearance he gave up 1 run in 0.2 innings so we have that to figure in too.

What does this all mean? Jack Crap. I’m telling you I have no idea what is going to happen. However I do know this, if Miller and Allen get two innings each and Merritt can keep the Blue Jays from getting more then 4 runs in 5 innings the Indians will win it. If I am wrong and the Blue Jays find their long lost bats I don’t think that they can pitch 4 perfect games.

I’m going out on a limb here and saying Blue Jays win tomorrow but loose the series in the next game. Cleveland heads to the world series.

What about the NLCS you ask?

Hell I’m so confused about this series, more so then the ALCS. The steamroller that was the Cubs in the regular season are still on hiatus. Where the heck is the pitching? Where did the huge offensive numbers go? What about the Mad Wizard that is Joe Madden, everything he did prior to the last two weeks of September turned to gold now just molybdenum. What are we to say about them….. Uh someone go find them and bring them to the baseball game because we are letting fans play. Seriously Rizzo is like totally not there, the sparkplug Zobrist needs to be checked, everyone except Chapmans arms have fallen off or been amputated. At this point I really think the Dodgers can win this series which is no where near what I thought before the series started. Kershaw has borrowed the magic from Madbum this year, Hill looks unhitable, Jansen looks like the next coming of Rivera. Adrian Gonzales looks like his former Padre-self and Seager OMG the kid is on fire.

Can the Dodgers really stop the train that is the Cubs? I really haven’t the foggiest, honestly. I can see it happening with Kershaw going on short rest from now till his arm falls off, Hill maybe going on short rest too. Urias and Maeda somehow finding a way to squeak by and Jansen slamming the door on everyone that looks his way. I think this series is going to game 7, which I would have called you crazy for saying before the series. Unless the Cubs bats find a way to wake up I think the Dodgers can win this in 7. Kershaw pitching 2 games, heck maybe 3 or even coming in from the bullpen on game 7.

So do I see the Dodgers really winning this? I’m gonna say ………………………………………….


Maybe??………….. Screw it Yes. Dodgers win in 7 games.

Dodgers v. Indians in the World series…. Holy crap…. Yeah I never would have called that before the playoffs started…. Thats why they play the game right?

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