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At first when I saw the start time of this post weekends Royal Rumble I was like ‘Damn that’s early.’ Starting the pre show at 5 p.m. EST to me was crazy but then I remembered back to lay years Wrestlemania. It didn’t end till after midnight! My boy, wife and friend had all feel asleep on the couch that night and didn’t even get to watch the last part of the main event. So okay 5 p.m. isn’t that bad.

If you didn’t tune into the pre show like Vince wanted you to you didn’t really miss much. There was a 6 woman tag team match that was really just more about showing there were still scripted feuds for Smackdown. Rating….zzzz.

The tag team title match that followed featured the Neutral Potatoes against the watered down Bullet Club was only slightly entertaining. Sheamus and Cesaro had run it’s course and you could tell it was just time to change the script. Gallows and Anderson won to really no one’s surprise. Rating…. I woke up long enough to eat some guacamole.

Next up was the ladies again with Nya Jax taking on Da Boss Sasha Banks in a ‘I have a current grudge against you because… well… because they said I had to.’ match. Injured Sasha against the woman’s division Braun Stroman. Ill give you three guesses who one in commanding style and the first two don’t count. I am actually a Nya Jax fan, I like that she breaks the mold of the Divas and can really wrestle, and I still had no interest in this match. Rating.. just one snooze because it was over really quick.

Lets see, so far that’s three less then stellar, and by less I mean mediocre is being kind, matches to start off this so highly touted PPV. At this point we were making fun of people more then watching the tv.

Finally a title match! Charlotte vs Bailey… Eh… It was actually a good match and Charlotte only cheated a little bit but that’s her character but it is really hard to like Bailey. I know she is supposed to be the “huggable” one and everything but it’s just.. she’s not that interesting. While it was a good match Charlotte winning isn’t surprising. Rating… Okay I watched the whole match but Eh.

Now that we are a little more involved in the PPV the next match should be good. Roman Reigns against Kevin Owens for the.. Something something Title. Yeah yeah I know the Universal Title… Can we just call it the Raw Title? Best part of this before the match is Jericho being lifted 20 feet in the air in a shark cage, yes it took some doing to get him up there but eventually his heel butt was locked in for a view of the match. All in all the match was really good. Chairs, tables, steps, desks all used and destroyed in good ways. Yes the ‘chair tower’ was kind of goofy but it still worked. Both guys were putting on a damn good show and it looked towards the end that Roman might actually get the title, despite being one of the most hated wrestlers currently. Honestly with the level of the match I would have been okay with it and probably most of the Fans would have been too. Here is where I think the damn writers made their first mistake with Roman. Why the hell did you have Stroman come in and wreck the match? The play-by-play guys even seemed a bit perplexed at it and had to quickly come up with something to give it a reason. Even if it is the whole ‘You shouldn’t be champion I should’ script when you have Stroman it does not matter who he is fighting. Roman or Kevin would have been a fine opponent for Stroman going forward. Why make it look like he would rather fight Owens then Reigns? Why end so far the best match on the PPV with something like that? Are you seriously saying ‘Well Roman your title chances are over lets move on with a new script’ in the middle of a PPV? I just do not get it, but I am sure they will try to spin it on Monday nights episode (nope I haven’t watched it yet as I am writing this). Rating… Damn good Match terrible script choice ending.

205 Championship match!…. Eh whatever. Giving this its own show instead of having Lightweights on both other shows was a terrible idea. Yes the little guys need their own division, NO it doesn’t need to be completely separate of the other two shows. Seriously the casual wrestling fan does not care who these guys are because you don’t give them enough spotlight on Raw and Smackdown. Neville wins the title. Rating… I needed a beer so I missed this match.

The real match besides the Rumble it self that we have been waiting for. While this story line has been good the time between the last real match and this one has been a bit long and you kind of felt like you must have missed something. I know Cena was doing other things and not happy about the current state of WWE but picking the feud back up after a brief pause just felt off. As for the match it was great, both guys countering, maneuvering and hitting great slams. When Cena tried the first five-knuckle shuffle we all knew it would back fire. When AJ tried to do the STF we knew Cena wouldn’t tap out of it. Though everything was really well done, the match was the best match so far. We all agreed at the end that Cena winning his 16th in this kind of match was totally okay. It didn’t feel like they just handed it to him, which was the opposite of what got him so many haters over the years. All of us were intently watching and involved in the match so well done WWE writers, you got this one right. Rating Great Match, no one left their seat the whole time.

Now what you have been waiting for, hell what we had been waiting for since 5 p.m. The Royal Rumble. This Rumble has been so freaking hyped with Goldberg, Lesnar, and the Undertaker that it better live up to something close. Big Cass getting number one was eh.. weak. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge Enzo and Cass fan, I like their style and Cass is going to be something great. Giving Enzo pretty much 2 minutes to just hype Cass was too much, especially when it appears from articles I’ve read that Cass is in line for big things down the road. Jericho coming in at number two was just plain funny as he quickly exited the ring without going over the top rope and hung out with the announce table. Was totally a Miz move but Jericho somehow sold it better then Miz ever did. Best moment by far of the entire Rumble was Gentleman Jack Gallagher racking Jericho with his umbrella and then spinning it like some sort of 20’s bubble dancer. While you know Gallagher wouldn’t last too long that made his entry very remember-able. Then Stroman came in and cleared people out, nothing new there. Letting Baron Corbin eliminate him was interesting. Especially since anyone that Stroman should have gotten to face (GoldBerg, Lesnar, ect) hadn’t even come out yet. I am not sure if they were trying to showcase Corbin more so they could get him some title shot stories or if they plan on letting Stroman and Corbin become a feud. I was disappointed that Stroman left so early though, if he is supposed to be the next Lesnar then damnit let him face Lesnar or at least someone who can actually match him. Speaking of which Big Show got hosed. Sorry but that was a terrible spot to put him in. You get Big Show all re-buffed up and ready for this show down and Stroman makes him look like he was nothing. Sad. I was really surprised by the lack of ‘unexpected’ or ‘new’ talents. You had Tye Dillinger and…. that was it. No Samoa Joe, no Kenny Omega, no Nakamura. Nothing… compared to previous Rumbles it was rather unsatisfying. Fast foward, Lesnar comes in and cleans house. Devastated everyone till his ‘kryptonite’ comes in at number 28 and in a minute and 38 seconds eliminated him. Yup Goldberg did it again. Are we really afraid of having them face each other? I love Goldberg he was Lesnar before Lesnar but come on can they at least wrestle a little bit? I was incredibly surprised that Undertaker eliminated Goldberg. I swore Goldberg was going to pull a Batista and win the whole thing so definitely a good twist there, and I was okay with it. What I was NOT okay with was the second mistake the WWE writers made with Roman Reigns. You are telling me that having the most hated wrestler on the roster eliminate the most LOVED wrestler ever was a good idea???? I know you had to make it so that Undertaker wouldn’t win the Rumble, but to have Roman Reigns do it…. I’m questioning your sanity there. The ONLY thing this can lead to is Roman turning true heel instead of just flirting with it. You have to make him the BAD guy from now on otherwise you just permanently wrecked any chance of him ever being liked by the majority of the fan base again. As for the end with Randy Orton winning it, I am okay with that. My whole family roots for Orton so any time he wins and is given the shot to its fine. Not sure about the rumors I’ve heard about Bray Wyatt being some how his opponent at Wrestlemania but we will see I guess. Rating… Not the best Rumble I’ve seen, middle of the road at best.

Overall Rating…. Eh… It had its moments that were great but overall not great.

There is my break down, take it or leave it but please don’t hit it with a chair.

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