Bird Hacking

Posted: February 2, 2017 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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I have been thinking about this whole hacking thing for a while, since the story broke and all the media went nuts over it. At first I wasn’t going to say much about much less create an post about, but the more I think about it the more I have to say.

If you don’t know what I am talking about the Cardinals hacked the Astros for data on their farm system. You can read all kinds of different views on it here, but since you are on my page I am going to give you my view.

First we live in a world where nearly every week some news agency or watchdog company tells us to change our passwords and enable two type authentication. They seriously wonder why most of us have simple passwords, well damnit you make us change them all the time I cant remember what it used to be. Which brings me to the Astros. They were hacked for 2 1/2 YEARS. No one changed the freaking password for 2 1/2 years. Seriously if I was to go a month or two without being prompted to change a password by some random program I would think someone hacked my ebook reader. Needless to say their security was suspect and they never got the memo to change that password. Yes I have worked in the IT realm for over a decade now and there are ways to get passwords but they are slow and painfully obvious to the network admins because of bandwidth usage. The Astros clearly thought no one would do something like this or really didn’t care. You got to figure that the only way this data helps the Cardinals is knowing possible trade value of someone in the farm system before you bring their name up while bartering for someone else. I totally get that the farm system of the Astros has been pretty damn good, but still knowing Bob the second baseman in AA has value is only good if you are trading for players to be named later or addon value.

Second most MLB teams have scouts that do nothing but look at players on other teams including their farm systems. This means that the Cardinals maybe didn’t have to send scouts to the Astros or affiliates games. Or if they did they certainly didn’t have to pay much attention to what was going on down on the field. Wouldn’t someone notice that over 2 1/2 years? I mean didn’t some Astros lower ball affiliates front offices say ‘Well Tony sure is drunk again, no telling how he keeps his job he can barely see the field’. If someone elses scouts were in my ball park I would be watching them like hawks. Heck I would turn off the WiFi near their sections just to make things harder for them to get info on my guys. Again this was over 2 1/2 years… Someone had to notice.

Third the hacker says he did it all himself without the knowledge of ANYONE else. So was he the scout that was supposed to be at the game? ‘Hey Chris you headed to (some city the Astros affiliate resides in)?’ and Chris would respond ‘Uh … Yeah I just have to go use my super secret computer next to the coffee machine for the next 8 hours’. Seriously how did no one else notice that this guy had ALL this information but never left his laptop. Normally when you think of people never leaving their screen it’s because they cant get enough prOn. All his peers are thinking Chris is the biggest prOn-aholic there is but damn he has the OPS+ of their single A guy that played 35 games last season. NO ONE THOUGHT THAT WAS ODD? There is no way that you can tell me he did this alone. He hacked it with his 3l1t3 sk11z, and then presented the information like he was the one seeing it. Uh right.

Fourth this punishment of 2 mill and 2 draft picks is pretty lame. 2 mill is a drop in the bucket for an organization like St Louis so it was no big deal. Also it was the MAXimum penalty that was under the MLB Ruling on such an offense. I think to me the maximum part is the more telling piece. ‘We are going to fine you the MAX it allows, so that no one else will hopefully try this.’ The two draft picks are a bit bigger but neither side seemed to upset at the fact that was the penalty, not to mention that the Cardinals have proven year after year that their farm system is pretty damn stacked. The lone hacker gets the worst punishment which is 46 months in jail. The average dug possession charge is only 36 months so this guy got more time then a drugie. WTF? He hacked an insecure system gave information about another teams farm system all by himself and he is in jail for almost 4 years.

All of this just reeks of a slap on the hand and a fall guy. 2 million is pocket change, 2 draft picks while inconvenient is definitely not the end of the world for a stacked farm system, and the lone gunman hacker rots in jail. Hmmm I know I’ve seen this movie before. The St Louis fans will of course scream it’s too harsh but really think about it. You didn’t loose anything your team really couldn’t live without. So why the slap on the hand treatment is more my question. If people really researched it would it lead to upper management at St Louis? Would it show that bunches of other teams are doing this and have been for a while? Could the security of MLB systems be so low that a single guy could compromise them without ANYONE being aware?

There are some really big questions this whole thing brings up that not a lot of people are asking….

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