MLB FA = Forgotten Already?

Posted: February 8, 2017 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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I was totally writing a article about how there were so many free agents still available this deep into February. I took a break to make lunch for my daughter and before I could even get back to this the Yankees and Rangers swooped in and took over half my article away…

GRRRRRR… Do they understand I worked hard to make words into sentence thingies.

The Yankees signed Chris Carter to a 1 year 3 million dollar deal. Chris had said he would go to Japan to play if no one gave him a multi year deal, well obviously that was a failed attempt at maneuvering. As for the reason the Yankees jumped on this I can’t really understand. They signed Matt Holliday already this offseason for the DH roll and they already have Greg Bird at first base. On top of that Tyler Austin was scheduled for the backup 1B. Unless they think that Chris is going to be okay being a part time DH and part time 1B for the entire season, after playing 160 games in 2016. What makes me even wonder more is Holliday, Austin, and Carter are all right handers. The only lefty out of the group is Bird who is supposed to be the starting first baseman. To me it feels like the 2017 Yankees are platooning so that if their ‘Playing to win while rebuilding for the future’ motto starts looking more like total rebuilding they have some veteran guys to act as fall men. Normally the veterans that go to New York have huge resurgence, maybe they are counting on that holding true so they can give the young bombers more time to develop.

The Rangers signed Mike Napoli to a 1 year deal also sending him back to Texas for the third time in his career. This one makes more sense to me then the above signing. Rangers have Ryan Rua and Joey Gallo at 1B and DH so some experience there is going to help a lot in their development. Napoli is a great guy to have in the locker room with a younger team like the Rangers and just maybe he can help Josh Hamilton find his form from a couple years ago.

With those two signings tearing apart my article is there anything left to say?


Matt Wieters was an ALL-Star last year with the Orioles and still is a FA. What is going on here? 124 games last season with 17 home runs and a .243 batting average and getting absolutely no love from 32 teams. I just don’t get it. Yes he is 30 years old and his caught stealing percentage is only 35% but he adds a damn good bat and an average voice behind the plate. To me something else has to be going on here. He either thinks he is worth way more then his stats show, His agent is trying for a multi year deal for a 30 yr old catcher, or something off the field we don’t know about is haunting him. Heck maybe the pitching staff is blaming his game calling on Britton not coming into that playoff game.I can name several teams that could use a upgrade in their backup catcher position; Angels, Reds, Blue Jays, Braves… Just to name a few.

Then again this has been a really odd off season in the first place with no real major happenings and plenty of FA’s still available in February.

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