Extra Innings change is a extra bad idea

Posted: February 10, 2017 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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Joe Torre has lost his mind.

“Let’s see what it looks like,” said Torre. “It’s not fun to watch when you go through your whole pitching staff and wind up bringing a utility infielder in to pitch. As much as it’s nice to talk about being at an 18-inning game, it takes time.

I’m sure everyone and their uncle has an idea how to speed up baseball, and most of them are terrible. This one is EXTRA terrible. First we are paying these players because they are the best at what they do, and if the best is equal to the best of another guy then extra innings is going to happen. Why should we penalize them for both being equally the best? I understand this thought and change in lower levels of baseball, Little league, Recreational leagues, and even Low A ball. In those leagues where you are still teaching the players how to play, or in the league I play in  (30+) our bodies just can’t handle a lot of extra innings. I’ll totally be okay with the pressure and on the field training it gives the players that are still learning to handle the game.

Not in the majors, no way no how.

Every fan loves extra innings. For starters you feel like you got more for your money, and you also have that excitement that any play or hit could end the game. You are on the edge of your seat waiting to see who either makes a mistake first or pulls out a miraculous ending. Sure 20 innings in having a position player pitch isn’t ideal but it’s actually awesome. That instance where some guy comes in to pitch who hasn’t pitched since college is what us normal fans wish could happen to us. We love it, especially when they strike someone out. OMG people go nuts for that, and they show it on ESPN later that night. Obviously it is not that big of a deal Mr Torre.

Instead of taking away something we all actually enjoy why not take away the number of times the catcher can go out and talk to the pitcher? How about 1 an inning not 1 every other pitch. How about a pitch clock? Most pitchers would already fall into the category of ‘It won’t affect us’ because they don’t spend all day picking their nails or trying to stare down the batter for 30 seconds. Besides these guys are the best in the world, you don’t think they can handle the pressure of dealing a pitch in a certain amount of time? Hell why don’t we enforce the batter box rule????

There are so many different ways to speed up the game because the damn millennials are more worried about the fact people see them at the game instead of watching the game. Give everyone a scoring app keep them focused on the game instead of just focused on who many likes they got because they are at the ballpark.

Please Mr Torre seek help because this idea for future implementation in the Majors is ridiculous and calls into question your sanity.

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