This is going to make games longer

Posted: February 21, 2017 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant

Today MLB announced that they are implementing the no pitch intentional walk. 

This is just plain dumb. Seriously what are they thinking?

The explanation I saw Rob Manfred said that this would help pace of play. Wait… first there is maybe 1 intentional walk per game play season. So pace of play is not really an issue here.

Here is what I see. Clubs have been unofficially playing by the rule of as few as possible intentional walks since Barry Bonds made history getting walked every single at bat. We have seen a drastic decrease of the ‘intentional’ walk and gone into the ‘pitch around him’ walk era. More and more you hear the broadcasters and color commentary guys not only saying but showing on replay how guys are getting nothing even close to swing at. Not because the pitcher is that good but because the manger doesn’t want the hitter doing damage. Now that this no pitch intentional walk is in place what is going to happen to those at bats where you would normally see a ‘pitch around’? 

You mean that the manager can have their pitcher throwing not only no pitches but not have to throw the always awkward pitch out. 

You really think they aren’t going to take full freaking advantage of that? Joe Maddon will be the first guy in line to make this happen. You are going to see more guys walked then you have in the last two years combined. It saves pitchers wear on their arm and they don’t have to lose the groove by pitching in a odd location.

This is a win win for managers, and unfortunately I see it being a lose for the fans.


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