WBC Madness!!

Posted: March 7, 2017 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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The World Baseball Classic is under way and already there is a huge story.

One word: Israel

Yes I said Israel. The team that coming into the tournament was 200-1 odd of winning the whole thing. The same team that has Sam Fuld (previously of the Oakland A’s), Ike Davis (who is in the Dodgers minor league system), and Scott Feldman (who is now pitching for the Reds in his 12th year in the league) as their BIG name MLB Stars. The team that had to play back to back games on the first day. When I say back to back it was more like they played in the early AM then took a 8-10 hour break and then play a late PM game in the same day. Personally I would think that a large gap of time like that between games would kill any groove from the first game.

So what did the Israelis do?

They go out and beat the host nation and 3rd ranked team Korea 2-1 in 10 innings. Behind stellar defense and pitching they shocked everyone. Normally after a huge victory over a team that you were not supposed to even be in the same stadium with one might think the groove and adrenaline would have been spent. However Israel decided to bottle it up and spray it all over the next team they faced Chinese Taipei. This time they were definitely not content to win by the skin of their teeth as they whooped Chinese Taipei 15 to 7. The Chinese Taipei team didn’t even get a run across till the 6th inning and hadn’t even recorded a hit till the 4th.

Israel lead throughout the game and never looked back. It was incredible. They are already qualified for the second round which is awesome.

This is why you play the game you never know what the baseball gawds are going to do.

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