Strike out go home

Posted: March 8, 2017 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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A one Mr Tebow, as I am starting to call him Tebodashian, stepped up to the plate today against the Red Sox in a spring training game.

Yes the marketing machine in the Mets front office decided they needed a ticket boost and probably a jersey sale boost.

Lets have Tebodashian play in a spring training game that is nationally broadcast!

Said some intern at the water cooler and they actually made it happen… sadly… Thankfully they didn’t let him play in the field setting him as DH instead.

Of course the broadcasters are talking about him and pumping that ego. It would be like Urban Meyer himself was standing in the booth.

Tebodashian stepped up to bat in his first plate appearance and promptly strikes out looking. It was adorable. He looked at the umpire like “No” and the umpire just said “Yes go home”

Okay he didn’t actually but he should have.

Next at bat, yes unfortunately they let him hit again, he hits into a double play with the bases loaded.

The saddest part is he got a standing ovation for hitting a weak ground ball into a double play. Seriously the fans were louder and on their feet for him. WTF is wrong with people? He is a terrible baseball player, he was a terrible pro football player, STOP CHEERING FOR THE GUY. This isn’t give a gold star to him for trying kind of thing.

I will never understand Tebowmania… Someone tell him to find something he is good and and quit encouraging him to be something he has no business doing.


Tebodashian was just up for his third at bat and got hit on the shoulder. He took his base which loaded the bases with no outs. Next batter hit a line drive to the second baseman for an out. Normally that would be that but no Tebodashian was caught to far off of first when the out was made and was thrown out trying to get back to first. Yup go home.


Tebodashian just got struck out on three pitches at his 4th at bat. Bat never left his shoulder. Yup go home again.

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