Shouts from the portalet

Posted: March 27, 2017 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant

It’s been busy around here. My boys baseball league starting up, my 30+ baseball league starting up, my crazy ass 16 team fantasy baseball league draft coming up this weekend, MLB REGULAR SEASON STARTING, Wrestlemania coming up, and just having a family happening every day.

What have I missed that I need to squawk about….

Israel losing in the WBC was unavoidable but damn did they play great.

Puerto Rico was on fire and the passion was absolutely incredible in the WBC and a good lesson for the American fans of baseball.

Totally stunned and excited that USA won the WBC. I wish that the final game would have been a little closer, Puerto Rico just seemed out of gas.

So freaking glad spring training is almost over. I love watching the guys get ready for the season but trying to explain why teams are getting beat 24 to 3 to my 11 year old boy is difficult.

Goldberg vs Lesnar is awesome for WWE. Roman reigns vs Undertaker is lame.

I seriously have a excel workbook that has 12 sheets and a vba module containing over 300 lines of code just to prepare for my fantasy baseball league.

Being on a baseball field makes you forget how old you are until you have to run out a double in the gap.

Okay that’s all for now



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