Shouts from the Portalet May 9th

Posted: May 9, 2017 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB

What am I shouting about today….

Matt Harvey… WTF did you do to piss off your team that they suspend you and demand you apologize to your team? How the mighty have fallen.

Red’s pitching has been oddly great however everyone seems to just be waiting for the wheels to fall off. When Scott Feldman and Bronson Arroyo are your top pitchers right now you have to just be playing 90’s music in the clubhouse and not letting anyone look at a calendar.

Reds make the list again with sending their best pitcher down to Triple A to ‘save him from innings’. Seriously are you guys dumb as a box of rocks or what? You turn Raisel Iglesias, your best pitcher last season, into a closer and then your best pitching starter this season you send down to save his arm. Brian Price was a pitching coach before he was the head coach right? (He was look it up) You’re telling me that Garrett isn’t going to be pitching as much in Triple A as he would be in the Majors? So you sent him down to just watch games? The other thought is for this contract control thing teams do now a days. So the Reds AGAIN are looking towards the future to be good…. they do know they are in first place in the division?

Why is my Joey Votto post the most read post by leaps and bounds? People are seriously googling ‘Is Joey Votto a jerk’

The Red Sox and the Blue Jays are heading south on a one way ticket via Southwest Airlines.

The LAA Angels are wasting Trout and they have absolutely no intentions of ever doing anything else.

I am so damn tired of strikeouts…. Want to speed up the game, teach the freaking batters to hit the ball.

Eric Thames is not juiced and he has the best quote in the world ‘I have plenty of urine and blood’

Why can’t the Dodgers hit left-handed pitching? It’s the WHOLE DAMN TEAM! Hire someone to just pitch to them from the southpaw side for gawds sake.

Launch angle and Exit Velocity is fun to look at but it is ruining the game. What ever happened to 2 strike hitting without trying for the fences.


Stop trying to make the games faster/shorter and make the players play every play.

I hate hate hate the Yankees and damnit I am on the edge of my seat every time Aaron Judge comes up to bat.

How are the Giants this bad…. I know it’s an odd numbered year but holy cow.

Ryan Zimmerman is drinking some serious superman juice. Wow

I really think this 10 day DL is making Fantasy baseball brutal to be a part of. I can’t remember this many DL trips for so many players in any other season.

Trumbo hit a homerun off a pitch that was nearly 5 feet off the plate… This is the pitch I swing at in my recreational league and ground it into the plate.

Never ever count out Buck Schowalter even when all of their pitchers loose their arms.

The Cubs are still hungover from last seasons World Series win.

Base running? We don’t need no stinking base running we have exit velocity! Freaking bajeebus…

18 innings is a long ass game, but I wouldn’t trade it for a guy on second after 12.

Miguel Montero pitching is one of the absolutely beautiful things about baseball.


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